We realize you have a choice when it comes to service providers. So, why choose The Goal Getters:

  • Professional Results, Superior Value – You will get the exact same professional result without the exorbitant cost.
  • Our Methodologies – You have a choice of them. You can leverage our industry standard Project Management and waterfall implementation methodology for larger implementations. Or, we have a Rapid Application Development methodology if you’re looking to get up and running quickly.
  • We know Enterprise Performance Management – You can leverage us for our application skills but also for the bigger picture. We can help you think ahead when it comes to EPM.
  • Our past clients are our future clients – You can use us past your implementation if you need too. We do not follow an “implement and run” strategy so we get to know your business and your application over time. Makes it easier to support when the need arises down the road.

Planning your Project

We believe that effective use of time and resources relies on good planning. Whether a project is scheduled to take one week or one year, we like to work to a game plan. The Goal Getters have worked with many clients to create plans that work for their schedules, resources and the scope of the projects. Concise requirements and objectives docs, a realistic schedule and complete task lists are the vital tools that we like to think through with you in order to ensure that you achieve your objectives.

Designing the System

Design documents are the basis of where a project will ultimately finish. Ensuring that the requirements are understood and creating an effective system are part of our challenge and what we enjoy.

If the requirements are not thought through as much as possible, redesign and rework is very possible. On the other hand, due to many reasons, project requirements change and people remember tasks while the project is underway and redesign again occurs. In this situation, huge efforts at documentation then become wasted effort. In either case, we like to strike the balance between over-design and under-specification.


Making it all happen is our specialty! We work with you to define success criteria as well as business requirements and then recommend our level of involvement to help make you successful.

Our preference is to be there with you building the solution side-by-side. This aides in the knowledge transfer as you take over ownership of the solution. However, we can be involved in as much or as little of the project as you like. Sometimes we take on a minimal capacity, but more frequently we take a substantial role.


Herein lies the difference between a good implementation and a creation of excellence! We believe that there is always a better way if it can be found. We constantly look for ways to do something better, and we constantly question our own assumptions. There are many ways to accomplish the same goals, and we look to find the best!

Ongoing Support

As for ongoing support, clients for whom we have undertaken major projects are still our clients, and many of our clients call us regularly for quick answers to specific questions, which we are able to do because we know their systems.