Our FP&A Practice is dedicated to the design, implementation, and enhancement of software/solutions that equip organizations with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools to drive enterprise-wide and/or business unit level business planning and reporting. Our FP&A professionals have extensive experience across a variety of industries, both nationally and internationally. Our practitioners continuously strive to stay ahead of the knowledge curve, as it relates to industry regulation and the subsequent impacts on planning, forecasting, and reporting. We understand that modern finance requires fluid and predictive information to effectively plan, and agility to effectively implement.  As such, we are continuously keeping up-to-date on modern finance trends, such as predictive data analytics, prescriptive data analytics and machine learning.

Our practitioners have risen to, and overcome, each and every challenge presented to them in this ever-changing landscape of FP&A. With the primary focus on data and information availability, efficiencies, continuous improvement, streamlining and enhancing, our FP&A professional are continuously delivering solutions for the following areas:

  • Revenue drive-based Planning and Forecasting
  • Capital Expenditure Planning and Forecasting
  • Human Resource and Human Capital
  • SG&A Baseline
  • Foreign Currency Translations
  • Version/Scenario/What If Analysis
  • Projects / Initiatives
  • Balance Sheet Planning and Forecasting
  • Capital Allocation/Deployment
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Short-term/Long term Strategic Plans
  • Regulatory and Management Reporting
  • Data Integrations

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