CPM & EPM Solutions Landscape

Last Updated: 2019-03-06

Traditionally, Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management (“CPM & EPM”) Solutions referred to software products used by Finance and Accounting to:

  • Generate consolidated financial statements for management, regulatory, and statutory purposes; and
  • Create and update strategic plans, budgets and forecasts for business planning

As more organizations adopted these CPM & EPM solutions and matured their processes, CPM & EPM software vendors starting branching out their solutions to target other complimentary areas of the Finance and Accounting Value Chain (e.g., period close orchestration, account reconciliations, narrative reporting, value drive planning, deeper data analytics, etc.).   

For organizations seeking to invest in CPM & EPM solutions, the increasing number of CPM & EPM software vendors entering into this space as well as the natural broadening of their respective product offerings can cause confusion and be difficult to compare or evaluate.   

Based on 20+ years in the enhancement, implementation, and support of leading CPM & EPM solutions, TGG has developed the below quick guide for organizations to hone in on discipline areas of the Finance and Accounting Value Chain relevant to their evaluation and options available.

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