First things first, you can look to The Goal Getters to help you define your requirements and, more importantly, your overall EPM Vision. Chances are your senior management team wants to monitor and measure performance management metrics that are not being collected today.

To link your key metrics back to your strategic objectives you can leverage our business blueprinting toolset. After looking at the “gaps” we can help you prioritize the critical items and put a plan together for getting you across the finish line. The focus at this point is not on software, it’s on the people, process and technology needed to support your vision.

Let The Goal Getters Help You

  • Define – Define the real drivers of value in the business
  • Align – Align Executive requirements to business execution
  • Link – Link the strategy to operational objectives
  • Understand – Understand where complexities exist
  • Standardize – Standardize definitions, rules and calculations
  • Maximize – Maximize the business investment in people, processes and technologies

Download the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solution Worksheet